FAQ | IDentiTech | Plastic Identification Card Printing | Promotional Products


1. I want to get ID cards for my staff, what do I need to do?

If you don’t need to issue staff with cards on the spot, then the easiest way to get started is to let Identitech design and print your cards. IDentiTech has an easy to complete online form that allows you to provide all of the information to be printed on the cards, upload a photo and a logo and order any accessories that may be required. Identitech will then provide you with a quotation and begin on your card design.

2. What is the difference between short-run and the online database solution for card ordering?

So, you have decided that Identitech is going to print your cards, now you have to decide how you would like to manage your orders. There are two options –

1. Short run: If you are looking to order small quantities, less frequently you may prefer to email staff images and a spreadsheet through with staff details when you need to place an order.

2. Online Database: This allows you to upload photos and staff details as you need and place your order directly with our card bureau for printing. If you are going to order cards ongoing, the online database is much more efficient. Ultimately, it is up to you how you would like to manage your card orders and staff information.

3. Do I need training to use the online system?

Even though the online system is very easy to use, a member of the card bureau will run a quick training session over the phone so you know how to use the system. We are also available via live chat on our website to provide any assistance.

4. I am looking for a card printer, what should I look for?

There are many different printer brands and models that are good for different things. The new Sigma range from Datacard cater for many different printing scenarios. There are printers that are suitable if you only need to print single sided, printers for double sided printing, printers that allow for it to be set up on a network. The easiest way to work out what printer you need is to call IDentiTech and speak to one of our card printing experts.

5. Do you offer on-site installation for printer?

Yes, where we can we will have one of our team install your printer on-site, train your staff and make sure it is all running as it should be.

6. Do you offer on-going technical support?

Yes, if you have purchased a printer from Identitech, we can assist you with any ongoing issues you are having with your printer. You can either contact our office or we a live chat function on our website, where between the hours of 9am 5pm, a member of our team is available to answer any questions online or escalate it to our technical team for further assistance.

7. How do I purchase consumables for my printer?

You can order blank cards, ribbons, cleaning kits and accessories via the Identitech website. We have most of the items available in stock and ready to be shipped within 48 hours.

8. Can Identitech print cards and also mail them out?

As part of the IDentiTech card bureau service, we also offer complete mail fulfilment. Whether you need the card to be sent with a personalized letter or marketing collateral we can assist providing a complete service.